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A Virtual summit for designers by Designers

Officially live on
August 25-28, 2020

The summit is about freeing designers from limiting beliefs that hold them back, inspiring them to think bigger, and showing them the path to growing beyond freelance. 

Learn how to build a business based on goals and freedom.

The talks will be between 30-60 minutes long. They’ll be available for 24 hours free to watch and get as much out of as possible! 

And it’s totally free to sign up!

What you'll get when you attend...


full days of valuable and actionable lessons through videos & freebies


amazing speakers with years of design & experience sharing their secrets


topics: scaling a business, processes, passive income, marketing & leads


worth of bonuses from the speakers to help you continue learning

I love how the summit covered different aspects and challenges creative entrepreneurs have to deal with and how the speakers came up with solutions that helped them scale their business. As an entrepreneur there is a lot of trial and error so it was pretty insightful and motivating to learn about their journey. Looking forward to the next Scale with Ease Summit! 

Pili Fernandez

We all can win and succeed. Sometimes we just didn't see the possibilities but there are infinite ways to our dreams. I loved the different perspectives and details brought forward by each speaker. Really informative and to-the-point videos that helped me grasp moving from stuck to motion. 

Sasha-Shae Weekes

Scale with ease has been a breeze, to say the least! The speakers and topics were well thought of and covered quite a lot of struggle areas for designers/artists who are just starting out as entrepreneurs. Personally, the summit has already helped me refine my business processes and I'm definitely signing up next time round!

Anneka Dave

Lots of golden nugs to take away from this summit, but the ones that hit it home for me are the following: creating structure and a schedule will help you feel less overwhelmed— position yourself as a consultant and not a freelancer-to-hire because consulting is SCALEABLE... and lastly—JUST START!

Tiffany Chang

 I am so grateful for the amount of knowledge and tips that were shared. Overall I was pleased and overjoyed with the quality and the content of everyone's presentation as well. Careful research and time has been invested in their well-thought out content topics - and it showed! 

Nur Adilah Anuar

 I'm really grateful for Scale with Ease for equipping me with valuable knowledge and wisdom, and bringing these well-experienced designers to share what their journey looked like... Listening to their advice, mistakes, tips & tricks... is just to inspiring, and empowering. I feel so lucky that I'm learning all of these in a very young age.

Jann Ryan Padua

What designers said about scale with ease

Who is scale with ease for?

This is for designers who are…

This is for not for people who are…

Working freelance gigs
Looking to get out of their 9-5 jobs
Wanting grow their businesses
Curious about how to diversify income
Desiring to become an expert
Confused about what to focus on or prioritize
Needing more clients!

Anyone starting to consider being a designer (this summit is for growing an existing design business/freelancer)
Designers who aren’t interested in doing more than freelance gigs

What kind of designers is the summit relevant to?

Graphic designers
Brand designers
Web designers
UI/UX designers
Motion designers
Hand lettering artists
Creative directors
Digital artists

speaker line up


Franzine Mackley

Breezy Camper | Scale with Ease

Stephanie Wharton

Sandra Chau

Bri Summers

Chaitra Radhakrishna

Hayley Fedders

Melissa Yeager

Latesha lynch

Olivia Herrick

Ingrid Urena

Bernel Westbrook

Jen Wagner

Emmy de León Jones

Joyce Gutierrez

Carli Anna

Kelsey Kerslake

Alexis Campbell

Giselle Field

Emma Fanning

Rachell De Luna

Marisa Messick

Dondrea Owens, CPA

Summit schedule

Speaker bios

Why should I attend? How is this summit unique?

As a fellow designer, I've been through the same experiences as most of you! Being there firsthand helps me understand the needs of other designers looking to grow their businesses.

This will bring on the value! These are PITCH-FREE presentations!

The speakers are all designers or creative professionals. No "marketing gurus" or other speakers here who are just trying to sell to you. 

We don't have people in other professions who are trying to get designers as their clients.

You will be learning from people who do what you do and understand the creative process!

more about the host

I'm a brand designer and strategist at my business Breezy Camper. I help other service-based entrepreneurs with their brand identities. Along with designing, I also have a background in digital marketing!

I started Scale with Ease because I wanted to help the design community. Often times we're left to figure out what's next for us. The summit is all about turning your design skills into a full-time business that is profitable and sustainable!


Make sure you register for the summit! Once you sign up, we will send you the links to the presentations the day of.

It's totally free!

Nope! This summit is all about value. We made sure the presentations will give you information on all types of subjects around a design business.

From the time it goes live, it's totally free to watch for 24 hours. After that, if you want lifetime access (along with product bonuses from the speakers), that's what the VIP pass is for!

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